When purchasing a cosmetic/supplement, aspects such as perfume or texture are often taken into consideration without paying attention to the real effectiveness of the product.

GANLIFE is a line created by a team of doctors and pharmacists after more than 10 years of research and studies in the field of cognitive and skin well-being. The use of TITRATED, TRACEABLE and TESTED raw materials with ANTIOXIDANT, DETOXIFYING and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY action results in GUARANTEED and SAFE EFFECTIVENESS.

With the understanding that skin influences and reflects our health, GANLIFE has taken a holistic approach to the overall well-being of both skin and mind.

Connection Between Skin and Mind

The link between brain and skin has been studied for a long time and it is confirmed how much our emotions and mood changes can affect the well-being and appearance of the skin. At the same time, feeling good in your own skin increases self-esteem and good mood. Taking care of both is essential.

Our Research

Starting from the study of the processes underlying cellular detoxification as a fundamental step in the fight against aging, the result of our decades of research has led us to the use, in GANLIFE products, of functional substances that act against oxidative stress, aging early and protect DNA from free radicals.

Ganlife has combined scientific evidence with its experience in the field of cosmetics and integration by creating new innovative neurocosmetics and nutraceuticals, integrating adaptive ingredients with neurocosmetic action capable of enhancing the sensoriality of the product: from the texture to the fragrance deriving from the principles of aromatherapy, everything is designed to awaken pleasant sensations of skin and mind.