Go beyond the obsolete concept of beauty routine which involves the mere topical application of a cream.

Our aim is to make people feel good: to make them feel, and not just appear, young and beautiful, because well-being is not limited only to having beautiful skin but above all starts from the well-being of the mind.

We offer a 360-degree treatment with innovative nutraceuticals and “neurocosmetics” which, acting in synergy from the inside and out, guarantee physical and mental well-being and perform anti-aging and antioxidant actions not only for the skin but also for the system cognitive.



The constant search for new active ingredients allows us to offer solutions that are always efficient. The bioavailability and consequent effectiveness of each individual ingredient is guaranteed by the use of nanosomes with advanced absorption systems and precursors. The latter are biologically inactive substances which, once absorbed, undergo chemical transformations, generally by enzymes, which make them active. Their use maximizes the bioavailability and effectiveness of active ingredients.

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Our products are subject to scrupulous checks along the entire production chain; a cosmetovigilance division is always active to monitor and ensure continuous improvement in use and safety for our consumers. Each formulation is free of harmful substances for man and for the environment. The products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, to ensure optimal skin tolerance.

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We use active ingredients of the highest quality in order to prevent and treat the signs of aging, as well as detoxify, purify, moisturize and prevent irritations. Our formulas are founded on proven active ingredients, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated with various in-vivo tests.

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Our packaging is completely recyclable, made in compliance with Cosmos and Ecocert standards and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified boxes.

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From design to packaging, all products are Made in Italy to guarantee their traceability and a superior quality.

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The ingredients and the final product are not tested on animals; the tests are carried out with sophisticated alternatives that involve the use of human cells and tissues (known as in vitro methods).

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GANLIFE is the first line that combines the anti-aging and antioxidant action of NUTRACEUTICALS from the inside with the multisensory care of NEUROCOSMETICS from the outside.


Not simple supplements but real nutraceutical products that combine the beneficial action of different nutritional elements and, acting in a natural way, have the specific aim of improving the general state of health of the individual and reducing the risk of developing diseases. Nourish, prevent, improve and support are the key words that characterize us.


Combining the care of the body with that of the mind by taking advantage of the connection between skin and brain, giving a pleasant sensation of well-being and happiness: this is the purpose of our cosmetic products, which are not simply absorbed by the skin, but they stimulate it to reach the nervous system through an alternative beauty ritual that seeks out inner well-being.